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1:1 Intimate Bodywork Sessions




Times are changing. It's time to set free from old paradigms of sexuality that kept us stuck. 

It's time to celebrate our aliveness.



Sacred Sexual Bodywork sessions are guided and held journeys into finding empowerment within yourself, release trauma and blockages and come into closer contact with your authentic expression and truth.


Growing up in a society of shame and guilt, a lot of us hold ourselves back , feel disconnected, disassociated and powerless. Living in harmony with our sexual energy that is the life force energy can be scary or unwelcome.


that our life force holds incredible power 

& it's time to claim it back!


I am here to support you with finding freedom, love and openness in the body, release shame and guilt, lean safely into pleasure and strengthen your connection with your self. 

This is a shamanic session where we work with energy and magic as well as the somatic intelligence of the body and the felt sense. The session is set with the intention of creating a sacred space guided by intuition and in connection with the divine. Breath, sound and movement are the three essential tools of the sessions. This is your session and I am not here to 'heal' you but to hold loving presence and guide you to uncover what is already yours, your life giving, life affirming life force energy.


During the session we will work with your intention to achieve the best results. Boundaries will be discussed before and during each session.




1 Session - £280                

3 sessions - £756(%10 off)         

6 sessions - £1428(%15 off)


- This is NOT a sexual service or engagement. It is about you connecting with your own body and sexuality. I am there as a guide, not as an object of sexual attention.

- It is one way touch only, from me
to you.I will remain fully clothed during the entire session.

- Please arrive having had a wash and on time.

- If you have a partner, it is generally a good idea to check in with them and discuss boundaries.

  • How long are the sessions?
    2 hours.
  • Is intimate touch part of the sessions?
    Yes. We always work at a pace that is comfortable for you.
  • How many sessions would you recommend?
    Best results are achieved by having 3-6 consecutive sessions over a few months.
  • What is expected of me?
    You will get the most out of this session when you bring awareness and presence to your body and communicate your needs and desires. Then you can just surrender to my touch and let yourself naturally breath, move and sound. However all these things can be very much part of some of the challenges you're working through so then you will be supported throughout to step more and more into being in your body and your authentic expression.


"One sacred sexuality session with Simba took me deeper into myself than two years of psychotherapy. It freed up blocked, stagnant energies so effectively that in the following days, I finally took action and moved city, to Bristol (an action which I had dithered upon for more than two years). Simba holds space with a deep sense of sacredness, compassion, and strength. This allowed me to journey into my core wounds, and carry out deep healing work there."  

                                                                - Harry M. 

"My session with Simba was extremely powerful. I was amazed by how one session alone could have such an impact on me and help in my healing process. The experience was also very well facilitated and professional."

                                                           - Amanda Q

I feel very lucky to have found Simba.I felt drawn to her and her work and am so pleased I let my intuition reach out. My five sessions so far have been a mix of pleasure, emotion, challenge and fun, but always in a safe and loved way.You have clearly found Simba too. Let yourself reach out. She is a special person.



"Simba made me feel very comfortable and safe during the treatment. She is a wonderful space holder, an insightful and empathic natural healer."  

                                                          -Josephine O.

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