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Unleash your power, connect with the essence of love and divinity within. 

Artwork by Tina Maria Elena

"My session with Simba was extremely powerful. I was amazed by how one session alone could have such an impact on me and help in my healing process. The experience was also very well facilitated and professional."

Amanda Q.

"Simba made me feel very comfortable and safe during the treatment. She is a wonderful space holder, an insightful and empathic natural healer." - Josephine O.

 "I am incredibly grateful to have shared space with so many beautiful and divine beings in such a delicious and healing way! The evening was incredibly well held by our facilitators, Simba and Shakti, and Temple Guardians, I built a stronger connection with my own boundaries and ability to let them be known through this event. I was also super happy to take home my yummy, sensual self to my partner afterwards and continue the evening delight-fully!!!" - Esmée T.

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