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Wed, 25 Oct



Online Introduction to Temple Spaces

Are you new to Temples? This 3 hour online workshop is here to gently welcome you into the world of Temples.

Online Introduction to Temple Spaces
Online Introduction to Temple Spaces

Time & Location

Last available date

25 Oct, 19:00 – 22:00


About the event


Temples are explorations in sacred sexuality, sensual and erotic play and divine ritual.

A remembrance of the ancient arts & knowledge of alchemical wisdom through the body. They are places of devotion, intention and slowness, inviting you to meet yourself within the reflection of the transpersonal & journey through the worlds. Temples open doors, manifest, move, shift & recreate. Temples are spaces where we come to pray, to return to our connection to the Divine through the medicine of the eros.

Temples are relational places where we practice boundaries, consent and expression of our desires and come back into the simplicity of our bodies.

In Temple we:

  • Express & live our deepest desires
  • Unapologetically own our erotic nature
  • Find tribe with depth & authenticity
  • Manifest dreams
  • Show up exactly as we are and be welcomed
  • Experience what it’s like to live in prayer
  • Be in devotion to the beloved Earth
  • Receive a direct transmission of the Earth’s erotic energy field
  • Journey with what is real


This event is designed to take you through the core principles of Temple spaces, give you a flavour and give you the tools and skills to comfortably participate in Temples.

Temples can be very healing and transformative. They are very different to a touch or s*x party or just a night out. They are potent medicine that can take you to the deepest depths of pleasure and bliss, and show you the deepest darkest parts of yourself that you may not always want to see. When we have the right tools and understanding the ride becomes smoother and more and more ecstatic.

I know that it can be a lot to go into these spaces if you are completely new to this world. So this is an opportunity to have a peak through the door in the safety of your own home.

*There will be opportunity for you to practice with each other as well as on your own. Everything is an invitation.

  • You are new to Sacred Sexuality
  • You are new to Temples
  • You are curious
  • You are open
  • You're looking for healing & transformation
  • You are looking for like minded people
  • You are ready to live without shame and guilt and be in your fullest sexual expression
  • You are ready to take the leap.
  • Essence of Temples
  • What keeps us safe in Temple spaces? ⁃ Agreements  ⁃ RBDSMA chat ⁃ Wheel of Consent  ⁃ Emotional Release Tools ⁃ Nervous System Regulation
  • Cultivating sex magic and love alchemy: ⁃ Intention setting ⁃ Moving life force through breath, sound and movement ⁃ Creating alchemy through rituals ⁃ Self pleasure

+ Practices and tools for you to practice at home post session!

With love,


*Simba is a sacred sexuality practitioner, Temple guide, priestess and a witch.  Her trainings are in various modalities of bodywork, trauma release, breathwork, shamanism and sexual shamanism. She is trained with the modern day mystery school ISTA(L1, L2 & Practitioner Training) and responded to a calling to serve in this field.





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    +£1.10 service fee


    +£1.10 service fee





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