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I am a ceremonial artist and a sacred sexuality practitioner devoted to healing, transformation and empowerment. My intention as a practitioner is to hold space for the unblocking of sexual energy that is our life force energy and connect deeply with out bodies as a channel for the divine to shine through. 

My journey on the path has been one of uncovering.Uncovering my true essence and stepping into my power as I moved from a place of contraction, shame and making myself small to a place of expansion, opening to love and learning to work with life force energy.

It has been a path of consistently being called to serve, sometimes in unconventional ways. This work has been so close to my heart and it continuously gives birth to the new. 

I am passionate about weaving the earthly embodiment, the felt experience of being human with the boundless potential of the cosmic consciousness. I work with energetic and emotional blockages, and with trauma in the body to support you to open up to your incredible power and divinity within.

I am in service to the Earth and it's magnetic life force.

My trainings are with schools like International School of Temple Arts, Integral Body Institute, Myofascial Energy Release, Jing Bodywork. My biggest teachings came from walking the path.

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